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Scarcity Toolz Review Demo + Bonus Package

By | March 25, 2022

Hey, my name is Chris Barber of, and welcome to my Scarcity Toolz review you get $535 in FREE Bonuses if you stay with me until the end.

Scarcity Toolz is a software tool that creates urgency and scarcity elements that you can place on your website.

These scarcity elements compel your website visitors to take action.

That action could be to opt into your autoresponder, buy a product, fill out a lead form, etc.

Fear of loss or Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) drives people to take action.

And this helps you make more money online with a website.

What Really Is Scarcity Toolz?

This makes the purchase of Scarcity Toolz a smart move if you want to convert your website, visitors, into email subscribers or buyers.

The software is cloud-based, which means you just log into the membership area, build the scarcity element you want, then install it on your website.

There are simple step-by-step videos you can follow.

You don’t need technical skills at all.

I must be honest and tell you where Scarcity Toolz falls short.

In order to get use from this powerful software, you need traffic to your website.

You need eyes to see the scarcity elements on your website so that they can either buy something or opt into your email.

I got you covered with my free bonuses you get when you buy Scarcity Toolz using the link in the description of this video.

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Scarcity Toolz Bonuses

Traffic Bonus #1 shows you how to get free traffic to your website.

It’s called How to Generate a FREE Traffic Frenzy to Make Money Online.

It sells for $47 online, but I worked a deal with the creator to get you free access to this resource.

Traffic Bonus #2 shows a Proven System to Get Massive FREE Traffic & Make Money From It.

When you implement the strategies from this bonus, get ready for a flood of visitors to your website.

Once you get visitors to your website, the elements that you build using Scarcity Toolz will do the hard work to compel visitors to buy something from you or opt into your email list.

Traffic to your website plus using Scarcity Toolz is a great combination.

However, once you get people on your email list from using Scarcity Toolz, will you know how to write emails?

If you’re like most people, you hate writing and maybe you’re not good at writing at all.

I got this problem solved for you with another free bonus.

Free Bonus #3 allows you to Copy & Paste Proven Email Campaigns to Make 6-Figures in Affiliate Commissions.

This bonus sells for $197 right now, but I worked out a deal with the creator to give you free access if you buy Scarcity Toolz using my bonus page link in the description of this video.

You get 6-figure email swipes to send to subscribers that you built using Scarcity Toolz.

Free Bonus #4 reveals the 7 Deadly Sins of Email Marketing That You Must Avoid.

Listen, if you build a sizeable email list using the elements in Scarcity Toolz, you want to make sure that you execute your email campaigns correctly.

This is why you need this bonus, valued at $97, but you get free access if you buy Scarcity Toolz using the bonus page link in the description of this video.

Free Bonus #5 is a Case Study video about how one of my associates generates $10,000 every month using email.

Scarcity Toolz can help you build a massive email list with scarcity elements placed on your website.

Follow the methods in the Case Study to apply them and make $10,000 per month or more with your email list.

This bonus sells for $147, yet you get in free when you pick up Scarcity Toolz using the bonus page link in the description of this video.

That is $535 in free bonuses to make your purchase of Scarcity Toolz the complete, online, money-making package.

Hang with me a bit longer because I want to show you how Scarcity Toolz works by giving you a demo of the application.

It’s really super, simple to use.

What Is Included in Scarcity Toolz?

So, that was the demo of Scarcity Toolz.

Pretty simple to use, wouldn’t you say?

Let’s jump over to my Bonus Page, walk you through the bonuses one more time, then explain the OTOs.

(Walkthrough the Bridge Page + explain the OTOs)

So, this is the bonus page where you can link this link to buy Scarcity Toolz and get access to my $535 in free bonuses instantly.

After you order Scarcity Toolz, you will get a link to access my secret bonus download page.

So, these are the bonuses that I discussed with you before.

Here are the OTOs that you might consider getting if you want maximum use of Scarcity Toolz.

Scarcity Toolz is $12.97, which is affordable for what it can do.

OTO #1, Scarcity Toolz Pro, takes scarcity to the next level for only $37.

It gives you the ability to add opt-in forms to message bars.

You also get an Exit Intent feature, so if someone tries to leave your site, a box pops up to get them to opt-in to your list.

What are the Pros and Cons of Scarcity Toolz?

OTO 2, Template Club, which is $47, allows you to create custom-designed countdown timers, urgency bars, and message bars.

So you get more scarcity elements to add to your site, which can mean more sales and subscribers.

OTO 3, the Reseller Licenses, personally, I think you should skip.

Only get this upgrade if you want to resell Scarcity Toolz and get a higher commission.

OTO 4, gives you a Whitelabel License to start your own software company but rebrand Scarcity Toolz as your own product.

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You get the source code to make any modifications you want.

Unless you’re a software programmer, I suggest that you skip this upgrade as well.

And, OTO #5, even though at just $12.97, I believe that you should skip it as well.

This upgrade helps you get approved for any affiliate offer at Warrior Plus.

Getting approved is simple.

Just say that you have a small email list and would love to promote the vendor’s product.

That’s it and you should get approved most of the time.

I just saved you $12.97.

Why Should I Buy Scarcity Toolz?

So that is my Scarcity Toolz review plus bonus package.

Click the link below to go to my bonus page, which looks like this.

Then you can click this button to order Scarcity Toolz and my $535 in bonuses get sent to you instantly.

Thanks for joining me, I’m Chris Barber.


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