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I Almost Spent $5.6M on This

By | May 27, 2023

Have you ever been on the brink of making a colossal mistake that could potentially drain your bank account? Well, that was almost the case for me. I found myself in a situation where I was on the verge of spending a mind-boggling $5.6M on something without realizing the repercussions of my actions. In this blog post, I’m going to share my story and the valuable lessons I learned from it. So, grab a cup of coffee, sit back and read on to learn from my experience.


Have you ever considered investing in a growing business but didn’t know where to start? As an investor seeking businesses with $1M-$10M EBITDA, it can be challenging to find the right opportunity that will not only provide a significant return on your investment but also help the business to scale faster. This is where the story of how I almost spent $5.6M on investing in a business comes into play.

Heading 1: The Opportunity

When I came across an investment opportunity which promised to provide a high return on investment, I was immediately intrigued. The business was a YouTube channel focused on providing educational content related to the IT industry. The channel was already getting thousands of views per video, and the potential for growth was enormous.

Subheading 1: The Benefits

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I was impressed with the benefits that the business promised to provide. The owner was willing to work alongside me in growing the business, and he had a clear plan for scaling up the YouTube channel. Additionally, I was excited about the potential to expand the business into other areas of the IT industry.

Subheading 2: The Free Content

The owner was already providing high-quality content for free, which helped to grow the channel’s subscriber base. He also offered to continue to provide free content, which would not only help the channel to continue to grow but also provide value to the viewers.

Subheading 3: The Partnership

The owner was open to the idea of forming a partnership with me, which would involve working together to grow the business and provide value to the subscribers. This partnership would be based on mutual trust and transparency, allowing us to work together towards a common goal.

Heading 2: The Investment

Despite the promise of a high return on investment, I knew that investing $5.6M would not be a decision that I could make lightly. Therefore, I put together a list of questions that I needed to ask the owner before making a final decision.

Subheading 1: The Application Process

The owner required an application process to be completed before any investment offer would be considered. This process involved a thorough overview of the business plan and financials.

Subheading 2: Investment Criteria

The owner did not provide any additional information about investment criteria, which made me question their seriousness in seeking a long term partnership.

Subheading 3: Focus on Business Growth

The owner emphasized their focus on buying and growing businesses, which aligned with my investment strategy. However, I was still unsure if this particular business was the right opportunity for me.

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Heading 3: The Decision

After much consideration and thorough analysis, I decided not to invest in the business. Despite the potential for high returns, I realized that the business was not aligned with my personal investment criteria and my long term investment goals.


As an investor seeking businesses with $1M-$10M EBITDA, it is important to thoroughly evaluate investment opportunities before making a final decision. While the promise of high returns may be enticing, it is essential to ensure that the business aligns with your investment criteria. In the end, it is not just about investing in a business but forming a mutually beneficial partnership for long term growth.


  1. Did you consider other investment opportunities before coming across this one?
  2. What other industries are you interested in investing in?
  3. Can you provide more information about your investment criteria?
  4. What steps do you take to ensure that you find the right investment opportunity?
  5. Do you have any advice for aspiring investors seeking to make their first investment?