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Secrets on How to Make Money on Mixer

By | March 12, 2022

We all know that YouTube is the king of streaming right?

That’s practically undisputed.

But what if I told you that YouTube had a competitor?

What if I told you that Twitch was also slowly becoming under pressure?

Would you laugh it off? Probably.

However, this fact is true and Mixer is the name of this platform.

Do you know what the best part of the Mixer is?

It’s yet another avenue to make tons of cash.

Now you’re more interested, aren’t you?

Not to worry, I’m here to help.

In this article, we’ll be looking at what the mixer exactly is.

We’ll also be looking at the various ways to make money using the mixer platform.

Next, I’ll be giving you some tips on how to get started and actually succeed on the Mixer platform.

Then, hopefully, we would conclude on a very happy note.

Are you ready to begin?

If you are, let’s start from the beginning.

What exactly is the Mixer Platform?

If you are curious and eager to read this article, you probably have asked yourself this question a lot of times.

Well, the answer is quite simple.

The mixer is a streaming service.

This means it streams video just like YouTube. Just like we already know, this platform wasn’t built for fun.

In fact, it’s considered a potential rival to the stardom that YouTube currently has.

Is the platform actually gaining a great audience? Definitely.

Its audience has grown since it was established.

To top things off, some of the popular streamers on other streaming services are actually joining up with the Mixer Platform.

It’s an incredible new avenue of making money that should definitely be analyzed.

Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider making money through the mixer platform;

  • Making money on the platform is easy: once you master the steps, you’d find that making money on Mixer is like a piece of cake.
  • It doesn’t cost too much.

The cost is relatively low.

It’s something you should be able to afford.

  • You don’t need to wait for a very long time to hit break the bank.

Passive income can start flowing almost immediately.

If you were skeptical before, I hope my reasons have cleared all your doubts!

If it hasn’t, our list of ways to make money on the Mixer platform will surely do the trick.

The Top Ways you can make Money on the Mixer platform.

So here’s what we have been waiting for.

Here are the top ways to make money on this platform.

1.      Become a Partner

Becoming a mixer partner has all the perks you ever dreamed of.

First, the mixer partner programs let you earn heavily on the ads revenue.

This program is similar to the program that runs on YouTube.

However, there are some differences between both programs.

While YouTube is more concerned about getting your content to your targeted audience, the mixer goes a step further.

The mixer program is more interested in building up a partnership between you and the platform itself.

Becoming a mixer partner also means that you get a pro subscription.

You also get the best support available as well as the dual streaming.

You can call being their partner living the dream life.

So what’s the catch?

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What do you need to do to qualify for this program?

First of all, you need to have been on the platform for at least 2 months.

That’s not all.

You also have to have gathered a followership of 2000 users.

Other important requirements include making 12 streams monthly.

These streams should also have 25 hours of streaming.

Phew! That’s a lot.

There’s one tiny thing left.

The mixer has a quality system.

This means before your partner application is approved, you’ll have to meet up to their standards.

Some of the things they take a look at are how professional and unique your page is.

Already a big shot at Twitch and YouTube?

Reaching out to their support staff might make the process a bit faster.

After all, you are a star.

Final Thoughts

I think it’s a brilliant idea.

However, you should try to build up your audience first.

Being established will make qualifying for the partnership program a piece of cake.

2.      Sponsorship

Now, this is one of my favorite ways of making money.

Sponsorships are very popular today.

The logic behind it is quite simple.

You have a large audience listening to what you have to say.

So a company gets you to say something nice about their brand or product.

Once the campaign is finished, you get paid some big bucks.

That sounds easy, right?

The problem though lies in how to get the sponsorship deals.

It’s really rugged out there.

There are roughly two ways to get this done.

The first is that you grow a very big audience that can’t be ignored.

If this is done, then you are going to get a lot of offers.

That’s surely something you would want.

However, if you are just at the beginning, then you have to do some hustling.

You have to cold pitch to some of those companies.

It’s obvious you won’t have much leverage here.

So chances are that you are going to get a lower pay cut.

If you’re just starting, you shouldn’t worry too much about the fees just yet.

So how do you get sponsorship in summary?

Build an audience and set out to cold pitch companies.

That way, one of them will surely have a positive response.

Final Thoughts

Sponsorship is incredible.

However, you have to play your cards smart.

Get a good sponsorship by throwing good pitches at those brands you want to attract.

3.      Your Viewers and Skills

Now, you must feel a little lost here if you are not yet on the mixer platform.

So, let me explain a bit.

Skills are like tokens that your users use on the platform.

They can be used to buy a lot of stuff like gifs and stickers.

So here’s the trick.

Every time a user uses their skills to get something related to your streaming page, you get some sort of revenue.

Now, this revenue cannot be compared to other things such as your sponsorship deals for example.

However, the chances that you can stockpile on these forms of revenue is quite high.

However, before you can earn from these skills, you have to be a partner on the mixer network.

Another form of skill is sparking.

These are tokens used by users to help you earn more.

It’s more or less the currency of the platform.

It can be used to buy skills and even assist you.

Call it a gift from the users.

Most users earn sparks when they watch videos or streams.

The more a user likes your streams, the more willing they will be to let you have some of their sparks.

Final Thoughts

The key to enjoying this method is to have a large audience.

The larger the audience, the more financial rewards you are surely going to reap.

4.      Use the Direct Purchase Program

The direct purchase program allows its viewers to purchase whatever is being done in the streams.

Sounds a bit complicated?

Let me explain.

This program allows most viewers to instantly connect to the purchase page of whatever they are streaming.

This is usually done through a button that’s visible on the top part of the page.

Now, the great part about this program is that users don’t have to leave the page before the purchase can be completed.

It can be done right on the same page.

This program targets video games in particular.

This means that you have to be interested in games to participate in these programs.

Games on Xbox and PlayStation might fit into this category.

So how do you benefit from all of this?

If you promote a particular game through this program, you can get 5% when there is a sale.

You also get the chance to choose what you want to promote.

This feature is also present with the Twitch streaming service with a slight difference.

With the mixer platform, any streamer can participate in this program.

However, the Twitch platform only makes this feature available for their partners.

So you stand a greater chance of earning more when you join the mixer streaming service.

Final Thoughts

If you love gaming, then this is the right program for you.

However, only using this program alone might not be enough to earn big bucks.

5.      Build your Followership

Now, this is really the truth.

You can get right on the mixer platform and start earning a few bucks.

That’s really what you will earn. Unless…

You choose to grow your audience.

That is really the key to making your presence felt on any social media platform.

Once you get this done the right way, several things will happen.

First, you’ll get a really good sponsor who’s excited to have you on their team.

You will also get a good chunk of patrons or donations (we’ll discuss this next)

The direct purchase program will also open up for you in ways that you probably did not expect.

Yes, that’s what having a large audience can do for you.

So how can you grow a large audience?

The first thing you need to do is to build your content.

No one is going to visit your page if you don’t have exciting content.

Even if they do visit, they won’t follow it or subscribe to it.

What content helps you do is to build a community of loyal followers.

These followers will help spread the word if your content is really good.

If it’s not good, then you’ll be chasing thin air.

Another way to build up your audience is to actually reach out to them.

Try to interact with them. Make them feel valued.

Trust me, when you make them feel valued, they will also reward you.

Final Thoughts

Having a big audience is compulsory.

Without an audience, you won’t earn any significant income.

6.      Donations and more donations

This is a pretty easy way to make money on the Mixer platform.

It is also very straightforward.

The audience which you have struggled to grow over the years will give you the donations you want.

It’s really that simple.

There’s a catch though.

You’ll have to get a third-party client to handle the donations for you.

However, be assured that this platform won’t restrict your account or anything like that from accepting donations.

So what are some of the best third-party applications you can use?

The one I recommend you use is Patreon.

This tool helps you to schedule a particular amount you want to collect monthly.

However, you have to pay membership fees for their troubles.

To help motivate your donors, there are several things you can do.

One such thing is exclusive content.

Make a particular part of your channel only visible to those who have contributed to your channel.

Want some ideas?

Most users normally make available to patrons private groups and Questions and Answer sessions.

You can also give these faithful followers some recognition.

The key is to make other followers feel that donating their money is worth all the trouble.

You can also take your exclusive content to the next level.

Make your content to be visible in the hierarchy of donations made.

This means the more you donate, the more you see.

The best ways to collect donations are monthly.

However, some people also use fundraisers for this purpose.

The important thing is to make sure what you are using actually works.

I would also recommend that you actually spend some time building a well-sized audience before getting donations.

Having a small audience or starting donations from the get-go will end badly.

So there you have it!

Those are the best ways you can earn money using the mixer platform.

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Are you excited about your chances already?

If you are, there are some things that can double the potential of your earnings.

These things can even shorten the period you need to get started.

Let’s look at some of them.

Get a quality webcam

With streaming services, having a quality webcam is very essential.

You won’t get anywhere with your fans or audience if they can’t see you properly.

Worse yet, people really do not like blurry images. The clearer the webcam, the better your chances of actually attracting a good-sized audience.

So get out there and get a good webcam.

It might come at some cost but it’s totally worth it in the end.


Now, you might get yourself a good webcam and still have very poor lighting.

Lighting is such an important aspect of videos.

You have to get them right.

Not doing this will result in some terrible videos.

So, make sure that the area you want to use has some great lighting.

You can even test it out before you start filming your next stream.

Use a Capture Card

If you are going to be using the direct purchase program, then you might need to get a capture card.

What does a capture card do for you?

A capture card allows you to reduce the strain on your PC during a gaming session.

It also enhances the overall quality.

This is essential especially since your gaming session will be viewed by a large audience.

Getting a capture card will help you make the best use of this program.

Final Thoughts

Yes, we are right at the end of the journey.

By now, you probably have a good idea of how you can earn money through this platform.

To wrap up this article, I’ll be leaving you with some tips on making it on the Mixer platform.

Let’s dive in!

Grow your content

The urge to make quick money these days is alarming.

However, most times, building up your content first is actually more important.

So try to have a lot of content that appeals to your audience.

Once you have your content ready, your audience will slowly but steadily increase.

Be Patient

It’s easier to get frustrated when you aren’t seeing much progress in the first few weeks.

However, this is the time when you have to show some patience.

These things take time.

With the right patience and quality content in streams, you’ll be banging the cash in less time.

So just hang in there and be consistent.

Keep up the work

Now, it’s easy to become complacent after you have reached a certain level.

Please try to avoid this. You must keep on updating your streams.

The fact that you have a large audience will quickly disappear if you don’t do the right thing.

Building your brand on the Mixer platform is very possible.

Take the steps outlined above and watch your business grow.

With that growth comes a lot of cash.

Author: Chris Barber

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