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Why Most Things Aren’t Worth Doing

By | May 6, 2023

In a world that glorifies productivity, it may seem counterintuitive to suggest that most things aren’t worth doing. However, the truth is that not all tasks are equally important or effective in achieving our goals. From mindless scrolling on social media to busywork disguised as productivity, we often make the mistake of prioritizing tasks that offer little value. In this blog post, we’ll explore why most things aren’t worth doing and how to prioritize our time to focus on what truly matters.


You might have heard the phrase, “Why do it if it’s not worth doing?” This is particularly relevant when it comes to investing your time, money and resources into something that will not yield a significant return. The same principles apply to investing in businesses, where most of them don’t seem worth investing in. However, some investments stand out and can be worth the risk. In this article, we will discuss why most things aren’t worth doing and how we can apply this principle to investment decision-making in businesses.

Why most things aren’t worth doing:

  1. Lack of potential return on investment:

Investing in something that won’t yield much of a return is often not worth the effort. You might invest time and money into something and end up with little or no gains. For example, investing in a business with low earning potential will not be beneficial in the long run. Instead, focusing on investments with higher returns on investment can help you reap bigger benefits.

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  1. Misalignments with goals:

When you invest in a business, it’s crucial to ensure its goals align with yours. There’s no point in investing in a company that is focused on a different direction than what you want to achieve. It is important to research the business’s mission, values, and goals before investing.

  1. Lack of growth potential:

Investing in a business that has reached its growth potential will not provide many rewards. A business that is stagnant or has reached its peak is not worth the time and effort. It’s essential to invest in businesses with potential growth.

Investing in businesses:

  1. Investment group looking for businesses with $1M-10M EBITDA:

The investment group is actively searching for businesses that can provide returns on investment. By focusing on organizations with high EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization) between $1M-$10M, they aim to increase their chances of having a profitable investment.

  1. Investing in a variety of industries including IT services and local businesses:

The investment group does not limit themselves to one industry. They invest in a range of businesses, from local stores to IT services. Diversifying investment portfolios across various industries can bring balance and reduce risks.

  1. The narrator makes his money by buying and growing businesses:

The narrator of the video has built his wealth over the years by acquiring and growing businesses. Through his experiences, he has learned what makes businesses successful and how to invest in them so that they can grow.

  1. The content is free to help businesses grow and potentially partner with them:

The video advertisement is an application and a proposal for businesses to help them grow. Investing in businesses can be risky; however, the group’s ultimate goal is to help companies scale and grow faster. The content helps businesses learn more about the investment group and provides an opportunity to work together.

  1. No specific business type is mentioned for investment:

The investment group does not limit itself to a specific business type. Instead, they are looking for businesses with potential for growth and a significant return on investment.


Investing in businesses can be a risky business. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure you’re investing in the right company to yield a high return on investment. By investing in businesses with potential for growth and high EBITDA, investors can increase their chances of a substantial profit. Additionally, researching businesses’ mission, goals, and values before investing can help align them with their overall investment strategies. If you’re looking to invest in businesses, keep in mind that most things aren’t worth doing, but some investments stand out.


  1. What is EBITDA, and why is it essential to consider while investing in businesses?

EBITDA stands for Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization. It is an essential metric to consider while investing in businesses as it helps investors understand a company’s financial health, profitability, and potential return on investment.

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  1. How can I identify businesses with growth potential?

To identify businesses with growth potential, research their industries, competition, financials, and management teams. It is crucial to find businesses that can scale and grow in the future.

  1. How do I align my goals with the businesses I want to invest in?

To align your goals with the businesses you want to invest in, research their mission, goals, values, and overall business strategy. Ensure that their ambitions align with yours.

  1. Can investing in businesses be a safe investment?

No, investing in businesses can be risky. However, if you do your research and invest in businesses with potential growth and high EBITDA, you can increase your chances of a significant profit.

  1. Why should I consider investing in a variety of industries when investing in businesses?

Investing in a variety of industries can help diversify your portfolio and reduce risks. If one industry faces any issues, it will not affect your entire portfolio, reducing the chances of loss.