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Short term rentals

By | May 4, 2023

Welcome to our latest blog post all about short term rentals. In an age where flexibility is becoming more and more important, short term rentals offer a great way to live or travel without being tied down to a long-term commitment. Whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway, a longer-term stay in a new city, or a place to call home for a few months, short term rentals are a fantastic option. In this post, we’ll explore what short term rentals are, their benefits and drawbacks, and some tips for finding the perfect one for you. So, grab a cup of coffee and let’s dive in!

Introduction: The Growing Trend of Short-Term Rentals

In recent years, more and more people have been turning to short-term rentals as a viable source of income. The rise of platforms like Airbnb, Vrbo, and HomeAway has made it easier than ever to rent out a room, apartment, or even an entire house to travelers. Short-term rentals offer a flexible and potentially lucrative alternative to traditional rental models, allowing property owners to make a profit all year-round. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of short-term rentals, how to make a profit through short-term rentals, and how attending the Grow Your Wealth Event can help you master the art of short-term rental management.

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Benefits of Short-Term Rentals

If you’re a property owner, short-term rentals can offer several benefits over long-term leases. Here are just a few advantages to consider:

  1. More money: With short-term rentals, you can charge a higher nightly rate than you would with a long-term tenant. You can also take advantage of peak tourist seasons to increase your profits.

  2. Flexibility: Short-term rentals offer more flexibility than traditional rentals. You can choose when to rent out your property and for how long.

  3. Fewer problems: Short-term rentals are less likely to cause problems with neighbors or further damage to the property. This is because the constant turnover of guests means there is less time for things to go wrong.

  4. Tax deductions: As a short-term rental owner, you may be eligible for tax deductions on expenses such as cleaning fees, property maintenance, and insurance.

How to Make a Profit through Short-Term Rentals

Now that you know some of the benefits of short-term rentals, let’s look at how you can make a profit through this model. Here are a few tips:

  1. Set the right price: Do some research on your local market to find out what other rental properties are charging. You want to set a competitive price that will attract renters but still make you a profit.

  2. Make your property stand out: Take the time to invest in your property’s appearance. This can include fresh paint, updated furnishings, and stylish decor. These small touches can make a big difference in attracting guests.

  3. Offer amenities: Consider offering amenities like free Wi-Fi and cable TV. You can also provide guests with snacks or beverages to make their stay more enjoyable.

  4. Be responsive: It’s essential to respond promptly to guest inquiries and concerns. Good communication can lead to positive reviews and repeat business.

Attend the Grow Your Wealth Event

If you want to take your short-term rental management skills to the next level, consider attending the Grow Your Wealth Event. This event is hosted by Noelle Randall Coaching and is part of the ShortsFeed2023 series. The Grow Your Wealth Event is designed to help you grow your wealth by offering insights into the world of short-term rental management. You can learn about everything from finding the right property to maximizing your profits. It’s a great opportunity to network with other rental property owners and get inspired by successful business people.


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Whether you’re a seasoned rental property owner or just starting, short-term rentals can be an excellent source of income. With the right management strategies, short-term rentals can generate profits beyond traditional rental models. By attending the Grow Your Wealth Event, you can learn how to make the most of this growing trend in real estate. Don’t let the opportunity pass you by – sign up for the event today!


  1. What is considered a short-term rental?
    A short-term rental is typically defined as a rental property that is leased for less than 30 days at a time.

  2. How do I find short-term rental properties?
    You can find short-term rental properties on platforms like Airbnb, Vrbo, and HomeAway. You can also look for local listings on classifieds sites like Craigslist.

  3. How do I set a competitive price for my short-term rental property?
    Check out rental properties in your local market to see what other properties are charging. You can also try setting your price slightly below the competition to attract more renters.

  4. What is the typical profit margin for a short-term rental property?
    This can vary widely depending on factors like location, property size, and amenities. Generally, short-term rentals can generate higher profits than traditional long-term leases.

  5. How can I ensure the safety and security of my short-term rental property?
    You can install security features like a keyless entry system or security cameras. It’s also important to screen your renters carefully and have a clear set of rules and expectations in place.

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