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Learn How to Get Views and Subscribers on YouTube In This Live Q&A

By | June 11, 2022

Learn how to get views and subscribers on YouTube. If you’re just starting a channel or you’re an experienced creator wanting to accelerate your growth, stop by this stream to learn how to take things further. ✅ Get FREE music for your videos and live streams – – Open description for more.

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0:00 Start of video
11:26 Pop Filter You Use?
13:30 More Watch Time & Views
17:59 Help Me Lock in One Niche
22:42 Keep People Watching Past the Start
26:10 Shorts Custom Thumbnails
28:43 Using Stories
31:10 Linking to Sales Links
33:54 Should I Do Shoutouts
35:13 Content Strategy for When Things Are Quiet
40:23 Shorts and VODs on the Same Channel
43:14 How Long Until I Change Out my Thumbnails
44:41 Video Performance
47:33 Social Media for Channel Growth
53:14 Adding Value to Lives for the Replay
56:55 Unlist Lives?
1:00:46 YouTube & Mental Health
1:06:03 Not Enough Data
1:08:16 Growing Without Playing Trending Games
1:10:26 Succeed With A Unique Idea
1:12:58 Channel Name Change/Pivot/New Channel
1:16:51 Consistency in Thumbnails
1:20:35 Why No One Watches My Videos
1:24:14 Why Some Videos Perform Better Than Others
1:28:08 Frequency v’s Quality
1:31:02 Sources for Thumbnail Images
1:32:51 Metadata for Shorts
1:34:18 Negative Comments
1:39:27 Thumbnails for Black & White Videos
1:42:51 Make a Short to Highlight a VOD?
1:44:46 In Video Ad for Sponsorships
1:48:09 Gaming and IRL Content
1:49:23 Promoting Outside of YouTube
1:53:37 Changing Name Affect My Channel?
1:54:45 Using Gaming in my Channel Name?
1:56:22 Live Streams v Channel Growth
1:57:23 24/7 Live Streams
1:58:00 Renaming Channels/Accounts
1:59:52 One Channel v Many Topics
2:01:43 Reviving a Dead Gaming Channel
2:02:31 Keywords & Hashtags Getting More Traffic
2:08:17 More on Keywords
2:10:46 Easy to Use Editing Software
2:12:27 Talking In Videos
2:17:46 Uploading Weekly?
2:23:51 24/7 Live Streaming How To
2:25:48 Super Niching
2:28:53 Changing Categories
2:31:19 Focussed Topics v Varied Topics
2:33:50 False Copyright Claims
2:37:32 Guaranteed Tips for Growth
2:41:01 Will YouTube Be Around For the Long Haul
2:45:57 Thumbnails for Shorts Vertical or Horizontal
2:46:48 How to Be Found on Search
2:48:53 Quality Content FTW
2:50:14 Upload Frequency
2:51:40 Double Down on Video Topics That Do Well
2:54:36 SEO Scores v Search Results
2:57:44 Motivation to Film
3:05:08 Trademark/Copyright Logos

Try These Successful Affiliate Marketing Tips Today!

Business affiliate marketing is almost like getting paid to advertise your business. You get into a partnership with another business and place an ad at their website. They do the same with you. You both end up with more customers and also a commission for sending customers. This article can help you find out how affiliate marketing can work for you.

To increase the success of your affiliate marketing, hone in on a niche market and provide your visitors with valuable information that will increase their confidence in you. Recommending quality affiliate products that your visitors are interested in will earn you money as well as increase your visitors’ trust in you.

If you are just starting out as an affiliate marketer, you should attempt to keep your campaigns small by only going with one solid product. See if you have a knack for the game or not. If you begin to make commissions on products, then you can begin to expand your presence online. But keep it small to start.

Look around for a mentor in affiliate marketing if you are not sure how to approach the business. There are thousands of successful affiliates out there who will lend you advice to get you started. You are not their competition at this point, so most are happy to help out. Check around the blogosphere and find experts in the field.

Using videos to help promote your affiliate service is a great way to increase traffic. It’s not really hard work either. All you need is to shoot a single video, and then you can post it on countless viral sites, send it via email, and spread the word all over the net. A little bit of work goes a long way with video marketing.

Building a list of email addresses for potential customers is an important part of any good affiliate marketing strategy. It is not easy, though; web surfers are very leery of turning over their address. One way to assuage fears is to offer something of value in exchange for email addresses. The reward need not be great, but it should be genuine.

Beware of scams. A company might be promising revenues to you that they will never pay out, or ask you to market a product that does not deliver what the advertisements promise. Read reviews about a program before you join one, and test a product before you sell it. If you fall for a scam, you will lose your time and credibility as a salesperson.

Don’t start to stress if you haven’t received an instant payout from a sale. Most affiliates do hold the money and only pay in certain conditions. Make sure you are aware of what the terms are before signing up with an affiliate program. Don’t get caught by surprise with a wait to get your cash.

Ask family and friends to help you while you’re building your affiliate marketing business. Maybe your sister can drop off some leftovers at the end of the day in return for your babysitting her kids for a few hours a week. This will give you more time to work instead of throwing unhealthy processed foods in the microwave to eat in a hurry.

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Encourage your affiliates. They may find it hard to make sales at first, and as someone who has been there, you can help them to stay positive and give them ideas about what they can try. Ask specifically if you can help solve your affiliates problems and they will be loyal to you for helping them.

amazon affiliate business

Use time-management software. It can be easy for affiliate marketing to take over your life. Time-management software can track how long you have been working for and alert you of when it is time to take a break. You can also use the software to work out your hourly wage from affiliate marketing.

Make sure that the company you are an affiliate marketer for has a good reputation. If the company does not have a good reputation, you may have to wait months to get your hands on your commission payments and customers will lose trust in you if they don’t receive their products.

The key to being a successful affiliate is to set goals. Your goals must be both attainable and contain both, short and long term. Without clear goals you will end up not being productive. Write them down your and refer to them daily. Be consistent and do not be afraid to revise goals if needed.

Try writing an extremely helpful ebook on a popular topic and then giving it away for free. Scatter affiliate links to useful products throughout the book. If you do this right, your book may go viral, resulting in many sales from the affiliate links you included. The key lies in making the book as helpful and interesting as possible so that people will want to read and share it.

The best affiliate marketing partners to work with are those that provide enough communication with their webmasters. Affiliates that have established great customer service and feedback systems in place are easier to work with than fly-by-night advertisers. Partnering with affiliates that have plenty of support available will reduce the amount of hassle website owners have to go through to make affiliate marketing pay off.

To engage your readers and viewers and keep them loyal, don’t sell out. Yes, you may be in affiliate marketing to make money, but don’t sacrifice the quality of your content for a program or feature. Not only will your existing readers be able to tell you’re doing this and be upset, you’ll also be less likely to gain new readers, since the quality of your content is what attracts people.

As it is abundantly clear in the above article, business affiliate marketing is a win-win situation for both businesses. They both see an increase in traffic as well as getting paid a commission for the people who go from one website to another. It is a way where two business work together and profit jointly.

Author: Chris Barber

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