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“I’m Broke, What Should I Sell?”

By | April 26, 2023

Are you struggling with financial issues and wondering how to generate some extra cash? One solution is to sell the things you don’t use anymore. But what should you sell? In this blog post, we’ll explore some ideas on how to make money by selling your possessions. From clothes and electronics to furniture and books, there are plenty of options to choose from. Let’s dive in and discover what you can do to improve your financial situation.

I’m Broke, What Should I Sell?


Being broke is not a pleasant feeling, particularly when you don’t have a stable source of income. However, there are always solutions to every problem. If you’re out of cash and need to generate some quick money, selling stuff you own is a great option. You may have some old belongings sitting around that are no longer of use, and selling them may be a quick and easy way to generate some cash. You may be asking, what should I sell? Well, you’re in luck! This article has put together a list of things you can sell to get through the tough time.

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Sell your old electronics:

Do you have an old phone or laptop lying around the house that you no longer use? Electronics always have value, consider selling them for some quick cash. Selling these items on websites like Decluttr, Gazelle, or Swappa could be an excellent way to earn some money.

Sell Your Unused Gift Cards:

Gift cards have become a common option for gifting in the current era. However, it’s tough to get a present you like every time. If you have any leftover gift cards, you can sell them instead of getting nothing out of them. There are various websites that allow you to sell unwanted gift cards, such as Cardpool or Raise.

Sell Your Art or Craft Items:

In case you are crafty, and you have a passion for making beautiful items such as crochets, painting, or sculptures, you can always sell them. Thanks to the internet, it’s easy to market your creations via social media or online marketplaces like Etsy or Redbubble.

Sell Your Old Clothes:

Are there any clothing items in your closet that you haven’t used in years? You can still earn some cash out of them. The clothing consignment industry is a booming one, and you can benefit from ways of selling your female or male attire, particularly designer clothes. Nowadays, various sites allow you to sell clothes online, such as Poshmark, ThredUp, or Plato’s Closet.

Sell Your PDF E-books:

If you’re good at writing, consider selling your digital products. You can change a simple written format into a PDF e-book and sell it online. You can promote your ebooks using your creative writing skills and market it on Amazon or on your website.

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In conclusion, there are always things you can sell when you are short on cash. These are just examples of what you can sell, but the possibilities are endless. Selling items or services enables you to get some quick cash and declutter unnecessary or rarely-used belongings. You can always find a creative way to make extra money.


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