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Front-End: $47(50%)

Zero To Hero front-end package reveals what might be the most guarded secret in affiliate marketing; namely, how to graduate from $10 commissions to $1,000+ paydays like super-affiliates.

The system is a combination of sales funnel + 'lifestyle-focused' email follow-up + high-ticket affiliate offer.

Inside, I show how to build the entire system, step-by-step via video. A skill that can be used for a lifetime.

The training comes with 3 bonuses:

Bonus #1: Email consultation from me for 30-days.
Bonus #2: A full course on how to drive free traffic
Bonus #3: Ignored methods to generating free traffic

OTO: $397(30%)

Zero To Hero DFY package is a done for you service where my team builds the entire high-ticket sales funnel system outlined in the front-end package.

Building a sales funnel can be technical challenge for most. This package solves that problem.

The buyer most do the first 5% themselves, such as get a domain name, hosting, autoresponder, recommended page builder; all discussed in the front-end package.


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Email Swipe #1

Subject: would you like a 1000 dollar commission?


It might seem that everyone else is getting $1,000+ commissions except YOU!

If you want to focus on $10 days, stop reading this message.

If you want to accelerate your affiliate marketing game, start promoting high-ticket offers that pay big.

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Getting a $1,000 commission is not 100x more difficult than getting a $10 commission.

You just need a more sophisticated setup than an optin page with a headline and optin box.

The secret is to sell the prospect on YOU before they visit your affiliate page.

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Email Swipe #2

Subject: how super-affiliates make money


Let me reveal some affiliate marketing secrets to 6- or 7-figure months that no one tells you.

1. Promote high-ticket offers; not programs that pay $10 commissions
2. Create an optin-page with your photo or video featured at the top
3. Create a thank-you page with a video of you congratulating the prospect
4. Send email follow-ups focused only on one high-ticket offer

The super-affiliates all follow these 4 steps to success.

How can you do the same?

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Chris Barber reveals more secrets to banking $1,000+ paydays.

I don't know how long this video will be available.

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Email Swipe #3

Subject: this sales funnel generates $1000 paydays


What if you had superpowers to create high-ticket sales funnels like the gurus?

You could start banking $1000+ paydays.

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Another option is to continue promoting products that only pay you $10 commissions.

This second option can be frustrating because you can never afford paid traffic where big money is made.

If you're ready to graduate from $10 days to $1,000+ paydays...

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Email Swipe #4

Subject: why you will NEVER be rich

Hey there,

I got some bad news to tell you...

"You will NEVER be rich!"

I know that hurts.

I just want to be honest because unless you graduate from promoting affiliate products that pay you $10 commissions to ones that pay you $1,000+... will NEVER be rich!

However, you can solve this problem today.

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Learn what it takes to start earning $1,000+ paydays.

It's not as difficult as it might seem.

Once you position yourself the right way, promote the right product, and send suitable types of follow-up emails...

...almost overnight, you could b earning $1,000+ paydays.

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Email Swipe #5

Subject: the secret to 7-figures a year in affiliate marketing


Have you ever heard of the 'Butterfly Effect?'

The 'butterfly effect' is when small changes create massive results.

In affiliate marketing, you can create a 'butterfly effect' that takes you from $10 commissions to $1,000+ paydays.

How do you get started?

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Get his system before it's no longer for sale.

You might think that you must stay a $10 commission affiliate to get started.

That's not true...

You can leap ahead of the crowd and start banking $1,000+ paydays in the next few days.

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Email Swipe #6

Subject: tired of 10 dollar commissions

Hey there,

You might think that $10 commissions are your ticket to lifestyle freedom.

However, super-affiliates don't bother promoting products that might pay them 10 bucks.

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The affiliate gurus focus on products that pay $1,000+ commission.

High-Ticket programs seem scary to promote.

You just need the proper optin funnel and follow-up email series to start banking $1,000+ paydays.

The 'Zero To Hero In Affiliate Marketing' system by Chris Barber shows you how to build a high-ticket sales funnel.

Just follow the video training, and in one weekend, you can have a sales funnel that generates $1,000+ paydays.

Chris also shows you how to find high-ticket offers, or you can use the program he recommends.

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To Your Success,
Chris Barber

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