How Elite Affiliates Play the Game Smarter than You

When You Want to Graduate From $10 to $1,000+ Commissions Like Super-Affiliates...

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Hey, I'm Chris

If you've been building your affiliate marketing business, one $10 commission deposit at a time...

...wondering why it's so damn hard to make a profit after running paid ads --

Today might just be the luckiest day of your life.

You see, I'm going to show you how to stop the 'low-ticket' commission insanity...

...and start banking $1,000 or even $2,000 commissions!

You might think generating a $1,000 commission is 10x harder than the $10 one you picked up a few days ago.

Well, with the simple 2-step funnel I want to give you access to...

...get ready to experience how easy it is to raise your commission game.

If you want, I can even set up the entire system for you...

...using the same 'magical' pieces used in my $1,000+ day affiliate marketing business.

The Magic Sauce Gurus Won't Tell You

The super affiliate gurus want you to buy their 10-step 'omnipresent' funnel that looks something like this...

Of course, a funnel like this, plus the 20 training videos, might cost you $1,000 or $2,000 for the 'Elite Package'...

...and perhaps $4k to $5k for their 'Platinum Package' which includes a few extra goodies that sound good but you really don't need.

In fact, all you need to graduate from a $10 to $1,000 commissions is a simple 2-Step funnel like what you see below...

The gurus won't admit that it's really that simple.

I am leaving out a few extra pieces that you must include (that I will reveal if you stay with me a few minutes longer).

The entire system is revealed in my 'Zero to Hero in Affiliate Marketing' system I want to give you access to.

Why Most Affiliates Fail

Let me tell you a story about myself.

I know how it feels to struggle in affiliate marketing.

I spent 10s of thousands of dollars on courses and paid ads to make a few bucks here and there.

I paid for Google, Bing, and Facebook traffic (at $1.50 a click) to an offer that earned me a $10 commission.

The math could never add up to earn me a profit.

Let me explain...

Paying $1 (or $2) a click in the hope of making a $10 commission is really insane when you think about it.

What if you spent $1 (or $1.50) a click to earn a $1,000 or $2,000 commission?

Now, you're on your way to profits my friend.

So, why do most affiliates fail?

It's because they are promoting the wrong type of affiliate products.

The solution is to start promoting products that will earn you $1000s of dollars.

But, how do you do that, and where to start?

Stay with me a while longer, and I'll show you how to solve this problem.

Why 'High-Ticket' Affiliate Commissions is Smart Business

#1. You make a lot more with no extra work when you set up your funnel system the way I tell you.

You might think getting a $1,000 commission is 10x harder than a $10 commission.

If you use what I call a 'Lifestyle-Focused' sales funnel, generating $1,000 commissions becomes effortless.

#2. You only need a few sales to hit the $10k per month mark.

It would take 1000 sales at a $10 commission to hit $10k a month.

Whereas, you only need 10 sales at a $1,000 commission to hit $10K a month.

#3. It produces life-changing income.

$10 commissions rarely changes lives.

One secret of super-affiliates is that they focus on generating $1,000+ commissions.

High-ticket products offer maximum value to buyers and you can be proud to promote them.

Would You Like $1,000+ Days?

You only need one, maybe two, high-ticket products to generate $1,000 commission days. The sales funnel system that I reveal in my 'Zero to Hero in Affiliate Marketing' system makes getting these high paydays easy.

With the right high-ticket programs, you won't need to do any selling.

The vendor will take care of that – but YOU still get paid.

When you invest in my system, I will also reveal two high-ticket programs that generate $1,000+ paydays.

High-Ticket Programs to Avoid

It's not all unicorns and candy-apples...

Most 'High-Ticket' programs you should avoid.

I hope you never promote a high-ticket program just because it pays a lot.

You want a program you feel proud to tell your family about.

Many high-paying affiliate programs are just money schemes that pay you to recruit other people.

There is no product of value being sold.

Fortunately, there are a handful that are awesome.

You will feel proud to promote them and even own all the products they sell.

I will reveal them to you shortly.

How To Get Rich From Absolutely Nothing

I read a Forbes article that said:

"There are secrets on how to get rich, and if you take the time to learn them, you too could put yourself on the right path to building wealth."

You can see the snapshot below...

You might be wondering...

"What does this have to do with earning $1,000+ commissions instead of $10 ones?"

Well, in my 'Zero to Hero in Affiliate Marketing' system I show you how to implement the 3 biggest secrets I reveal next.

Secret #1 to Banking $1,000+ Commissions

You must pre-condition prospects BEFORE they view the sales page of your affiliate offer.

This is a savvy tactic used by Super-Affiliates to rake in $1,000 affiliate commissions.

If you've been sending prospects straight to the affiliate sales page, that might work to collect a $10 commission...

...but if you want a $1k or $2k commission, you want to pre-condition the prospect using a bridge page that introduces YOU!

That's right...the prospect needs to see your face, video, or photo.

You talk to them briefly about what to expect on the affiliate sales page.

My Zero to Hero system tells you exactly what to say in less than 50 words.

It only takes 50 words to pre-condition your prospect and dramatically improve conversions...

...and just like that, you start to experience $1,000 commissions.

See how simple that was?

If you don't want to show your face, I show you have to make a similar emotional connection... using an animated video that costs less than half your cellphone bill to produce.

Secret #2 to Banking $1,000+ Commissions

Differentiate yourself using the power of 'New.'

In other words, give prospects a different experience than what they get from other affiliate marketers.

Let's examine what 'typical' affiliate marketers do... (and what you might also be doing now)

1. Prospect opts into your page

2. You send affiliate offer #1

3. Next day, your autoresponder sends affiliate offer #2

4. The following day you send the prospect affiliate offer #3

5. and so on and so on...offer 5, 6, 7, etc

I call this the offer merry-go-round.

Selling this way communicates to your prospect that you really don't believe in anything you're selling.

You're just trying to make a fast buck.

A 'New' experience would look something like this...

1. Prospect opts into your page

2. You send affiliate offer #1 (the high-ticket system revealed in Zero to Hero)

3. Next day, your autoresponder sends more details about offer #1

4. The following day, you send the prospect details about why you love offer #1

5. The next day, you send a message about others that love offer #1

6. Then another email about how offer #1 has changed someone's life

7. and so on and so on...still focused on offer #1

Do you see how this method is 'New' for the prospect?

At this point, your prospect is saying, 'Damn, offer #1 must be special.'

Your prospect starts to believe that you truly believe in offer #1, and they start believing as well.

This 'New' process increases the likelihood of your prospect buying Offer #1 and netting you $1,000 days.

My 'Zero to Hero' system implements this 'New' experience through automation.

It's all designed for you.

Secret #3 to Banking $1,000+ Commissions

You want to sell the 'Dream,' NOT the 'Money.'

When you focus on promoting low-ticket affiliate products, you can sell income claims.

"Bank $300/day starting this weekend!"...collect your $10 commission.

"Build a $10k Per Month Business in 7-Days!"...collect your $10 commission.

"Push-Button Software Bags $2K Per Week!"...collect your $10 commission.

Money claims work if your focus is collecting $10 commissions.

If you want $1,000 commissions, you must focus on your prospect's dreams.

"Live Where You Want, With Who You Want!"...collect your $1,000 commission.

"Your Friends & Family Will Worship You Now!"...collect your $1,000 commission.

"Money Creates Power and Power Creates Respect!"...collect your $1,000 commission.

Do you see the difference between selling money claims and selling dreams?

Money is simply a way to accomplish dreams.

When you focus on selling dreams, you can easily sell high-ticket affiliate programs to earn $1,000 commissions.

My 'Zero to Hero' system gives you the autoresponder messages I use to sell prospects their dreams.

You don't need to write anything.

Let Me Introduce Myself

At this point, you might be saying to yourself, 'Who the hell is this dude?"

My name is Chris Barber and I live in Brooklyn, NY.

I love New York in the Spring/Summer months but not so much in the winter.

Quietly, I've been raking in $1,000 and $2,000+ commissions using a simple 2-Step funnel and follow-up system.

I've purchased many $2k affiliate marketing systems in the past.

You won't need those expensive systems after you get my 'Zero to Hero in Affiliate Marketing' system today.

This might be the last wealth system you ever need to buy, and it won't be $2,000 because that's unnecessary.

There is a technical setup to my 'Zero to Hero' high-ticket affiliate system...

...but my videos walk you through the process step-by-step.

If you would rather my team do the technical setup for you, there is a DFY option.

All you need to do is drive traffic to the simple funnel and collect commissions.

I can even provide the traffic generation source for you.

>> It's not Facebook ads...
>> It's not Google PPC...
>> It's not YouTube, TikTok, SEO, blogging, or Instagram influencers

You never need to worry about account shutdowns or being banned from the advertising platform.

The lead source I use contains 100s of thousands of hungry buyers looking for ways to make money online.

I get a fresh batch each day that I can provide to you.

I simply cannot sell to all of them myself.

I might as well show a few people like yourself how to sell to these hungry buyers.

Bonuses You Get When You Invest In 'Zero To Hero' Today

Bonus #1 is email access to me for 30-days (a $500 value)

When you get my Zero to Hero in Affiliate Marketing system today, you will get email access to me for 30-days.

Email me your questions, and I will answer directly.

You don't have to continue your affiliate marketing journey by yourself.

Today, you have a mentor who can help you get 'unstuck.'

Typically, I charge $2,500 an hour to consult with me privately.

The retail value of direct email access to me for 30-days is $500.

Bonus #2 is access to the free traffic frenzy course. (a $47 value)

I know it can be expensive to promote affiliate products using paid ads.

What if I gave you free access to a course that shows you how to generate free traffic to any high-ticket offer on demand?

Would that jumpstart your business?

The course usually sells for $47...

...but I have permission to give it to you at no cost when you invest in my Zero to Hero in Affiliate Marketing system today.

Bonus #3 is secret sources of free traffic. (a $47 value)

Free traffic is all around you, and you can use it when you learn how to tap into it.

This last bonus shows you a few extra secret sources of free traffic you can use to promote high-ticket offers.

The total bonus package is $594.

You get $594 in free bonuses when your invest in my Zero to Hero in Affiliate Marketing system today.

What's Inside My 'Zero to Hero' System?

How to find high-ticket programs.

I show you what to look for and avoid when selecting a high-ticket program to promote.

My #1 (and #2) top 'high-ticket' choices and why they are amazing.

If you want to follow success, you can use the two 'high-ticket' programs that I promote.

If you join under me, you get extra mentoring from me.

How to build out your own 'high-ticket' funnel

This isn't as complex as you might think.

I show you step-by-step how to build a 'high-ticket', 2-step funnel that can earn you $1,000+ in commissions.

You really don't need to buy some guru's $2,000 package to access their sales funnel.

I give you the skill to create your own, which puts you in charge of your business and saves you money from buying expensive tools.

My 12 'Lifestyle-Focused' email series.

You get a special code to quickly upload these 10 emails to the autoresponder I recommended.

In seconds, you have a powerful email series that compels prospects to click on your link and buy into your high-ticket program.

How to drive HOARDS of hungry buyers through your sales funnel.

Now that you have your 'high-ticket' sales funnel ready, you need hungry buyer traffic.

I give you two sources of traffic that will never ban you.

This is another secret weapon elite affiliate marketers use to earn $1,000+ paydays.

Many gurus are NOT using Facebook or Google PPC to build their businesses.

Selecting a domain name that separates you from the 'get rich quick' artists

If you select the wrong domain name, prospects who buy high-ticket programs will not buy from you.

A domain name using words like 'Profit' or 'Commissions' or 'Quick' or 'Cash' or any spammy, scammy words, will not work.

I show you how to craft a respectable domain name that positions you as an expert.

And so much more...

Zero to Hero in Affiliate Marketing is a NEW, over-the-shoulder video training course.

It teaches you how to find high-ticket affiliate programs, promote them like a super-affiliate, and bank $1,000+ paydays.

You learn how to choose a winning program and how to set up a 'high-ticket' process to convert visitors into buyers.

This is a time limited offer only available while you're on this page

This is a digital product accessed through a membership site. After you order, you will receive login instructions and credentials within 24-hours.

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See what other people are saying

Chris, thanks so much for a system that makes me $5380 every month. It only took me 2-months to start earning $1,000 paydays

Connie Dorson

Mills Creek, Wisconsin

The Zero to Hero system is easy to follow and setup. No more $5 or $10 commissions. I'm forever spoiled getting $1,000 and $2,000 commissions.

Richard Templeton

Bear Lake, Georgia

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there additional costs after purchase?

Yes, you will also need to invest in a page builder, autoresponder, and web hosting. In the course, I tell you which ones to get that really don't cost much.

Will you recommend a high-ticket program?

Of course, I will, but I also teach you how to find your own high-ticket program to promote.

What if I have questions after purchase?

Just email me. You get my direct email and can use it for 30-days to ask me questions. You're not alone anymore.

Are there upsells after purchase?

Yes, there is only 1 upsell after your purchase. 

It's a 95% Done-For-You package. My team will set up 95% of your sales funnel. 

The last 5% is you getting your logo, domain, and personal photos.

Next Move Is Yours.

After everything I've said, you can do one of two things...

1. Go back to promoting those $10 commission products and stay a frustrated marketer.

2. Invest in Zero to Hero to start collecting $1,000+ paydays.

Look, the price you see here today will never be this low again.

You get $594 in free bonuses to help you drive free traffic to your high-ticket offer.

I'm removing this course after a few thousand sales to avoid flooding the market.

Get access to Zero to Hero today.

Grab This Special Offer Now

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This is a digital product accessed through a membership site. After you order, you will receive login instructions and credentials within 24-hours.

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