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Are You A TRUE House Of Cards Fan? Take This Fun Quiz!

The name 'Frank Underwood' should get your attention immediately! If you're a House of Cards fan, you know the name, but do you really know the man? Take this fun quiz to see if you score 10/10 - good luck!

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Can you name the guest appearance at a dinner to honor Petrov?

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Can you name the favorite meal of Frank Underwood?

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Frank Underwood often taps his knuckles twice before he leaves a room. Why?

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Frank created an initiative to produce more jobs. Can you name it?

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Who tried to kill Frank Underwood at a protest?

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Frank and Claire were married in what year?

7 / 10

Can you name the character hired to follow Frank and Claire around to write a book?

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Can you name Frank's Acappella group?

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What bad habit do Frank and Claire have?

10 / 10

Which Democrat congressional district is Frank Underwood from?

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